Update website in Birmingham AL

27 03 2014

There are quite a few things you can do to get rankings in search and increase your traffic to your website.  One of the best methods is web-video, and the results are fast and amazing for the money you spend, versus a TV or radio ad.  In addition, the ad runs 24-7, and it is free once posted.  If you are looking to update your website in Birmingham AL call for for a quote today.


Data Recovery company Birmingham Alabama

8 03 2011

The only Data Recovery company Birmingham Alabama that we like is Vulcan Data in Hoover.  If you are attempting to recover data from a hard drive that still spins, and does not make any clicking noises, the chances are, 92% of the time, they can recover your files, documents and precious photos for less than $200.  If you are looking for head replacements, controller cards, or other physcial repairs, get out your check book – it will cost you.

Hard Drive replacements are here – Welcome the new SSDs

14 12 2009

Faster than expected, the new hard-drives, known as SSDs are here. SSD – or Solid State Drives, are the replacement for the long failing, spinning mechanical versions that have driven the data recovery business for the past 30 years. Affordable now as a replacement, these drive can now be had for a paltry $115 for a 40GB variety

My thumb drive is not recognized

16 09 2009

A common situation, you insert your thumb drive into your computer and nothing happens.  You remove it, insert it into another machine, still nothing.  There are 3 possibilities:

  1. You have broken the connector on your thumb drive
  2. You have lost or corrupted  the boot record on the thumb drive
  3. Your board or chipset is dead, and a circuit(s) is broken

The first 2 items can be corrected.  The 3rd is almost impossible, and most repair companies refuse to accept dead boards because consumers refuse to pay for the repair and expenses involved.  If you have a thumb drive with the 1st 2 symptoms, you can have your data recovered for under $90 most of the time.

Intel shipping new flash drives

21 07 2009

The all new drives are labeled X25-M.   In fact, Intel decided to not change the model name of these new 34nm drives, which is apt to confuse some of you who go out hunting for the new and improved version.As of today, the channel price quoted for the X-25M 80GB is $225 (down from $595 at introduction one year ago) and the 160GB version is $440 (down from $945) for quantities up to 1,000 units.

Microsoft releases Windows 7 on the public

10 02 2009
Microsoft releases Windows 7 on the public

Microsoft releases Windows 7 on the public

Bill Gates unveiled the new Windows operating system know as Windows 7 on an unsuspecting public at the TED conference.  No software was actually released, just the bugs were let out.  Microsoft is rumored to be developing a viral strain that can be inhaled to wipe out competitors

Flash Drives pushing over 1 GB/s transfer rate

26 11 2008

A new configuration from Micron can push data at over 1GB/sec over a PCIe card with 2 SSD flash drives