Disaster Checklist – Steps to a quick recovery

29 03 2007

There are many very critical errors users typically make when disaster strikes their technology. The most important consideration are:

What NOT to do in a disaster:

  1. Do not re-install or repair Windows you will LOSE DATA !!
  2. Do not leave your machine running
  3. Do not leave the drive in the machine
  4. Do not take your drive to the local repair shop (Geek Squad, CompUSA) if you want your data back

What you MUST do:

  1. Turn your machine off, every extra minute may cost an extra GB of file loss
  2. Remove the drive from the machine (Philips-head screwdriver)
  3. Find competent, professional help for recovery (someone that specializes in data recovery, not a guy with a “recovery disk”)
  4. Purchase a NEW drive from local store (drives are extremely cheap compared to the costs of mistakes made in re-install/OS recovery and using unqualified technicians)
  5. Re-install Windows(or other OS) on new drive to get back to business



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