I can’t see my drive – Why you can’t see your hard drive

26 04 2007

One of the more common complaints that we hear daily.

Others include:

“There is no drive letter, or I cannot see the C:\ “

“Windows does not recognize the drive”

“No operating system found”

“My drive is not formatted”

“Hard Drive not found”

“Device not found”

Many times these complaints are easily resolved with special tools of the datablind man cannot see his hard drive recovery technician. Partitions, boot records, and bad sectors are very common in all these situations, and are almost always unrepairable by untrained users. Many times after a few hours of diagnostics, the drive can actually be repaired, or repaired enough to retrieve the valuable data from the drive. Never reuse a drive that has been repaired, it has shown that there is an instability and you should not trust this device anymore.  Find out more about lost partitions




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