Free Data Recovery Software

28 06 2007

I have seen many clients searching for “free data recovery software” on the web, hoping to find a cheap answer to the question, Why can’t I see my hard-drive? The bottom line is, there are several products on the market that may help you recover your data, but almost all of the quality products cost money, so don’t plan on being cheap. There is no magic bullet. I will add that most of the products are full of danger for the untrained user.

Unfortunately, there are only a couple of free pieces of software out there, and the one we use is extremely powerful. In it’s power come many dangers. It has relatively few safeguards, and certainly an extremely destructive potential. In the wrong, untrained hands, this is dynamite. In untrained hands, it also becomes useless.

My words of caution are always the same, yet many folks fail to heed the warnings and continue to the point where I cannot help them anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love Do-It-Yourself people, but you have to weigh the risk to the reward. That is the reason I don’t have my airplane serviced by Bubba in his backyard, there is too much plane

If you are still curious, or you are an IT professional, familiar with command-line linux tools, I will be glad to give you more information, just contact me directly for the information.




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