Read errors in flash memory – SD cards, Compact Flash and Memory sticks

4 07 2007

read errors in flash memoryIn a previous article I spoke about flash drives as being drives too. This is true in that they store information. The beauty is they have NO MOVING PARTS, which makes them so much more durable, and easier to repair. If nothing is physically broken, there are no mechanical parts to repair(the most expensive process in any recovery operation). So at this point, you are only looking to discover why the card will not read, which at times is no easy task. Read errors represent the Mt. Everest of flash recovery, and can take as long as a typical hard drive recovery.

When inserted into a device, and  may only show no files present, or read: ‘error reading drive’, or ‘Insert card or media’ and possibly ‘Card is not formatted’. All of these errors point to read errors, most likely the result of a failing card, or poor device that has written to the card, or simple corruption of the file system to the point where it cannot be read by the usual methods.

Time to call in the data recovery hero, someone with the training and experience to recognize the possible problems, and correct the problems without destroying more data in the process. Nine years in the business and I continue to see and learn new things almost everyday. Just this week we spent 7 hours, and used 8 combinations of processes and tools to recover less than 50 photos off brand new SD card. 6 hours of read errors, with 7 different combinations, then finally one that worked to allow a good pass across the flash drive, reconstructing bad sectors along the way to reveal 48 uncorrupted photos. The client was “beaming”. Glad to help, and glad everything turned out OK in this circumstance. I told her we had almost given up 3 times. The key in data recovery is never give up as long as you can read something. Just figure it out, and take a break by reading the new stuff.




One response

10 08 2007

how i can fix my broken flashdisk, it was deteck but i can open it,
please help me… i need that data please,,,,,

please come back all my data please please please

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