“Drive not formatted – Format it now” What does this mean?

11 01 2008

Many times this message is seen in hard drives, disk drives, flash drives, and external USB thumbdrive not formatted format it now? drives that have lost their formatting. Most likely (96%) a large portion or all of the files still exist, but the index and/or the formatting and partition information is missing, damaged, or corrupt, preventing your machine from recognizing the files that still exist. The next few steps you take are critical:

  1. Do NOT format your drive if you want to retrieve all your files
  2. Do NOT ask anyone at Dell, HP, or Gateway tech support how to recover your files, this goes for all other “phone tech-support” organizations. The results will be catastrophic.
  3. Do NOT attempt to recover the files yourself if they are important to you, unless you know exactly what you are doing
  4. Attempting recovery using software may be more expensive and risky than using a professional and affordable data recovery company

Always consult a data recovery expert before attempting any recoveries yourself. You may be surprised how affordable the process really is. Find out what other steps to take and get a free data recovery quote by contacting the Data Recovery Experts




One response

24 11 2008
ashok sanas

drive not formated error.need recovery file

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