Flash Read Error, Flash Drive not recognized- How to repair USB flash drive

21 02 2008

Many times we see flash storage that is not recognized by the Operating System due to formattingflash drive not recognized problems, read errors, and lost file table information. Many times this is not a disaster, but rather an easily and quickly correctable data recovery issue that can be handled cheaply by a professional recovery shop.

If you feel you are up to the challenge you will need several things:

  1. Weller WP25 Soldering iron
  2. Weller ST7 Solder Iron Tip-Conical
  3. Soldering station with alligator clips. iron holder & magnifying glass
  4. putty knife or strong blade to cut into drive case
  5. some soldering skill

usb-repairPlease do not attempt this procedure if you cannot afford to lose all your data, leave this procedure to the professionals.

The first step is to 1-gently cut into the case, not touching any of the sensitive components inside (this is really a ONE-SHOT deal) if you screw them up, oh well, you saved money but lost all your data. 2-peel back the case, exposing the board and chipset. 3-identify the broken connectors, this is the trick, and you may need a higher powered dual-scope for this procedure. Resolder the connectors after identifying them. If this procedure does not work, you may need to remove the connector completely, and attach wires to the board that are tied to a new cable connector. (refer to images)
usb-cable-wiring-diagram fro repair
This image will guide you to connector alignment(do not connect to the wrong lead, you WILL damage your data) making sure the alignment is correct. Connect your newly repaired usb connector to the machine….VOILA !!

If you have difficulty in this procedure, please give us a call




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21 02 2008
Great article on How to repair USB flash drive « My Page Won !

[…] article on How to repair USB flash drive How to repair USB flash drive will show you how to correct a flash drive that is not recognized, […]

25 02 2008

This is one of the few up to date sites in data recovery. I am happy to come accross this site. I am also impressed with the contents.

30 04 2009

well, this is not a comment but rather a question about my damaged 8gb flash disk drive.
it was hit by a virus when i opened it. on ejecting it all went on well but when i inserted it into the same computer, it was not being opened and didnot allow formatting, nor opening. if you know of any way you can help me, please……… coz ive tried all i know

10 08 2009
That's truly awesome. Great work and thanks a ton for sharing your valuable wealth of knowledge.

That’s truly awesome. Great work and thanks a ton for sharing your valuable wealth of knowledge.


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