Update website in Birmingham AL

27 03 2014

There are quite a few things you can do to get rankings in search and increase your traffic to your website.  One of the best methods is web-video, and the results are fast and amazing for the money you spend, versus a TV or radio ad.  In addition, the ad runs 24-7, and it is free once posted.  If you are looking to update your website in Birmingham AL call for for a quote today.


Hard Drive replacements are here – Welcome the new SSDs

14 12 2009

Faster than expected, the new hard-drives, known as SSDs are here. SSD – or Solid State Drives, are the replacement for the long failing, spinning mechanical versions that have driven the data recovery business for the past 30 years. Affordable now as a replacement, these drive can now be had for a paltry $115 for a 40GB variety

Intel shipping new flash drives

21 07 2009

The all new drives are labeled X25-M.   In fact, Intel decided to not change the model name of these new 34nm drives, which is apt to confuse some of you who go out hunting for the new and improved version.As of today, the channel price quoted for the X-25M 80GB is $225 (down from $595 at introduction one year ago) and the 160GB version is $440 (down from $945) for quantities up to 1,000 units.

Microsoft releases Windows 7 on the public

10 02 2009
Microsoft releases Windows 7 on the public

Microsoft releases Windows 7 on the public

Bill Gates unveiled the new Windows operating system know as Windows 7 on an unsuspecting public at the TED conference.  No software was actually released, just the bugs were let out.  Microsoft is rumored to be developing a viral strain that can be inhaled to wipe out competitors

How to repair a damaged usb flash drive

10 10 2008

Flash drives today are ubiquitous, mainly because they have become very affordable, and much more portable than external disk drives.  Unfortunately, the risks associated with flash media can be more than traditional disk drives.  Most folks do not understand tthe procedure to unmount drives before removing them from the port.  This procedure is very important to prevent corruption of the partition and file tables.  Most flash drives employ the use of FAT16 or FAT32 file systems to allow for universal access from all operating systems (Mac, PC, and Linux).  Unfortunately, these file systems are easily corrupted during write operations as the drives are removed.  Most of the time the files are still there, but the file tables and formatting are corrupt, making the drive unreadable, and unusable.  Many times the user mistakenly FORMATS the drive when prompted by the OS- which can be devastaing for your data.

Many times, formatting your drive will make it functional, but most times you will permenantly destroy your data.  So it is always good to know a few techniques to avoid data loss.


  1. Never write to your flash drive if you cannot see your data – this means, do not format, and do not use anti-corruption tools or “disk repair” tools like SpinRite, or any other S.M.A.R.T based (Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) tools that write to your drive
  2. If you don’t understand sectors, cylinders, file structure, and do not have a thorough understanding of file systems, do NOT ATTEMPT to use this guide
  3. You should always have two copies of your files, and you should NEVER use flash media as primary storage, rather, only to move files from one place to another.  Now ask yourself, why are you reading this if you have another copy of your missing files?

If you are an IT professional, and have experience with CLI, click here for instructions and tools

If you are a Do-it-yourself guy – click here for instructions

Water-proof and fire-proof hard drive promises protection for data

10 06 2008

water proof driveMany business and homeowners have experienced the loss of data to fire, flooding, and natural disasters. Now there is a company who intends to protect us from all these forms of data disaster. ioSafe is looking to be the first company to protect data from both water and fire with their new design, “DataCast endothermic insulation technology, which the manufacturer claims forms a chemical bond with water molecules that, at temperature above 160 degrees Fahrenheit, releases water vapor to limit the internal temperature of the unit.” The story

Why USB drives are not recognized, not visible in the drive list

8 05 2008

Many folks are left pondering this question:  Why can’t I see my USB drive or thumb drive?”  The biggest issue we see with faulty flash drives are users removing the drives from the port during a write operation.  Most operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix(Mac), and others warn you about removing flash drives before unmounting.  It may not make sense to you why this needs to be done, but if your computer is writing to any device while you unplug it, your run the risk of destroying file tables, formatting, files, and other stuff that you will lose when you “snatch and run”.

Static electricity can also be a potential problem with these drive, so it is a good idea to protect the connectors after removal from the machine to prevent current discharges across the circuit board/chips during transport.  Most drives come with a cap to protect the connectors, and some have a slider to move everything inside much like a turtle.

usb drive