Welcome to Data Recovery Experts

Welcome to Data Recovery Experts


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22 10 2008
Mark Hammersmith

I have a USB flash drive (Scandisk). When I plug it into my Windows XP Pro computer the USB flash drive light comes on for one second then goes off. I have looked in Device Manager, and nothing is there; nothing in Windows Explorer, and nothing in Computer Management/Disk Management.

Can you help?

Mark Hammersmith

11 11 2008
eagle ling

hi, i use a patriot 4g to work between my office computer and home laptop. it stop working 2 days ago. just no light and not recognize in window or bios.
i dont think the connector is bad … more likely one of the resistor is gone … some discolor on one spot … anyway, how much that would cost me to retrieve the data? thanks.

8 03 2009

Hi, two things – I’d like to know where to find out more information on setting up my own recovery business. I’m an IT technician but there isn’t that much info on the net for learning about recovery techniques.
Secondly, I have three USB flash drives that were damaged by plugging them into USB sockets that were not plugged to the motherboard correctly. I believe there is a way to bypass the controller chip on the circuit board and read the data directly from the RAM. Have you got any articles or PDF files on doing this?

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