This section will deal with a few simple techniques to help users deal with common errors and problems associated with data loss and data recovery. We will attempt to illustrate some techniques that will prevent further data loss by prevention of overwriting existing and undamaged data.


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19 07 2008
Matt Schwartz

My bosses wife just put her thumbnail drive (Lexar) into her laptop and it won’t recognize it anymore. They tried several computers and usb ports and notta! Any advise on recovering that data will be helpful… I’m the companies network admin. and one of their engineers. I build computers from the ground up and do all my own as well as the companies computer maintenance and repairs. What I’ve never had go wrong is a flash drive failing on me… My boss is at home, it’s the weekend and his wife has very important data on that drive. He’s asking me what to do… If I can’t fix it easily, then what do we need to do to get that data safe? Thanks, Matt Schwartz (Monroeville, Ohio) 419-465-2946

25 07 2008
Joe M

I have a 64 GB USB Flash drive, I was able to transfer all data in it, but not able to read it after all data transfered. The folder is still there, when I open it , it is empty. try to format it it won’t let me.
What is the best way to reformat it so it will works normally again.


Which phone number I can reach you guys. Thanks


6 10 2008

I accidentally formatted my canon A 540 camera using low key format, all my photos were gone. is it possible to retrive them. I live in singapore, is there any professional whom i can contact there.


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